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Darrel Frater is an Investment Associate at Visible Hands VC and startup business consultant.

He is a purebred entrepreneur and is dedicated to helping others pursue their passions through entrepreneurship. 

He has always had a passion for problem solving.​​​ From a young age he was heavily involved with his father's business located in Trenton, New Jersey. Through his father’s mentorship, Darrel was able to learn entrepreneurship first hand by helping him problem solve within his company. In college Darrel grew a strong passion for mentoring while obtaining his bachelor’s in business from The College of New Jersey.

While at TCNJ, he started a Non-Profit Organization called the Urban Students Bridge to Success, of which he partnered with organizations such as The Bonner Foundation and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Mercer County. He and his team led 15 college mentors to equip urban youth with the tools and resources they needed to succeed in school. They ran 2 wildly successful mentoring programs with over 150 active high school students. Many of these students have gone off to attend prestigious universities such as Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, University of Richmond, Dickinson College, and The College of New Jersey.

A year after graduating he moved from Ewing for work and was no longer able to participate with his Non-Profit. After two years of climbing the corporate ladder, Darrel felt unfulfilled and developed a strong urge to continue serving others.

His passions for problem solving, mentoring, and entrepreneurship led him to officially begin his entrepreneurial journey with the departure from his job in June of 2018.

Darrel has made a lifelong commitment to playing a major role in the effort to close wealth gaps. He believes that entrepreneurship and investing holds the keys to fixing problems that exist in the world and he wants to be on the front line of enabling the next generation of leaders to fix them.

He challenges all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to consider how they can include a positive social purpose within their business. He is confident that this shift will make this world a better place for every member of humanity.

Darrel Frater is an MBA graduate from The College of New Jersey where he specialized in Strategy, Innovation, & Leadership and a Founder and CEO of TheClub App. He has a long term goal of starting his own Venture Capital firm dedicated to investing in early stage companies that address equity gaps.

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Trenton, NJ
Christian Entrepreneur

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